So I'd like to hear some discussion on my experience today.
A hive that I split a few weeks ago cast 2-3 swarms today. I split after I saw capped swarm cells. I split out the original queen with some capped brood frames. I left multiple swarm cells hoping the first out would take over the hive.
Today they swarmed.
Noticed the 1st swarm landing on a wood pile. Swept them down to a nuc entrance. I was watching closely and saw a queen, grabbed her and put her in the nuc. They started the march in.
Then I noticed a second swarm underneath the hive the came from. Got another nuc and swepted them down to the entrance. Saw another queen and put her in the nuc but squished her as I put the lid on. No worries saw another queen and put her in the nuc.
Came back bout an hour later, still a few pounds of bees under the hive. Another nuc, saw another queen put her the box and the march started. Then saw another queen and tossed her in the nuc as well.
Ended the day confident 2 nucs had queens and plenty of bees.