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    Default Re: We need a Warre "the People's Hive" Forum

    >Also I wonder how inspectable a hive needs to be to be considered legal.

    It may or may not specify in the law, depending on the state, but the interpretation has consistently been that you can inspect every surface of every comb for disease, not just a glance at the bottoms of the combs.
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    Default Re: We need a Warre "the People's Hive" Forum

    Quote Originally Posted by Holmes View Post
    Zonker, I couldn't agree more, there should be a Warre Forum. I believe the Warre hive is considered a TBH but nonetheless, it would be nice to have it separate.

    It's great to hear that the colony in the Warre is doing well. This will be my first year beekeeping. I decided to go with a Warre hive after a lot of reading and research. I'm getting my bees from Betterbee, I live just 15 minutes from them, and so far they've been delayed 3 times due to the weather. I'm suppose to pick them up next weekend and I can't wait. I hope you have a great and successful summer!
    There is a Warré Forum now:

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    Default Re: We need a Warre "the People's Hive" Forum

    Why isn't the most popular hive considered "The Peoples Hive"?
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    Default Re: We need a Warre "the People's Hive" Forum

    In Warrés childhood most peoble kept a few skeps for their own honey consumption and for sweetning
    they let the bees do their thing and collected swarms and killed the production hives in the fall, the skeps
    were made from materials nature have in abundance and free - even the poorest family could keep them
    and harvest the healty gold.
    After the introduction of the framed hive things got evermore expensive and most peoble didnt have the knowlege
    to keep the bees in that manor so both bees and beekeepers were declining at the time warré made his new
    hive based on the princip of the skep but without the need of killing the bees ,and because it is designed to be
    build by anyone able to use a hammer and saw of wast materiel one have laying around anyhow, he hoped
    all again could keep bees for the benefit of both species and in the battle against sugar ,witch he saw as unhealty (what about that?)
    This is the reason warré named the hive "the peobles hive" not because it was the most popular, but because it could be
    build and kept and harvested withtout much knowledge.
    Well thats how i understod the text .

    against the hive i think the fact that his work was publised in french. during the war it would have been very popular in the rest of europe if they
    had been able to read his book.

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    Default Re: We need a Warre "the People's Hive" Forum

    I would love to see a warre forum...I can't count how many hours that I have sifted through the tbh forum looking for anything that would apply to me. I know this is an older post but I had to put my two cents in especially for those like myself that read constantly but don't post. Thanks!
    Mama3277 ;P

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    Default Re: We need a Warre "the People's Hive" Forum


    There is now a Warre forum! The post was moved to it!


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