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    Default Looking for Bees in N Central Arkansas

    I am in need of one of the following. a 3lb package, 5 frame nuc, or simply the frames of brood and nurse bees for a nuc.

    I am willing to travel in Arksansas and will bring my own nuc box if frames are available.

    Thank you

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    Default Re: Looking for Bees in N Central Arkansas

    I've been to Greers Ferry. Had an uncle that had a place on the lake. I wish I could retire there some day. Enough of that......May I suggest, Kingfisher Apiaries. He's about an hour into Texas from where you are. Still an easy day trip. I met him at a "Larry Conner" seminar in Gilmer a few months back. Young, enthusiastic, sincere. Worth doing business with.

    Hope it helps,


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