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    I was just wondering how you guys house your breeder queens . I have read on some other forums that breeder queens should not be used as production queens what does this mean. I know the purpose of the breeder is to make daughter queens but other than a nuc or a full sizee hive what do you keep them in. because the breeder will keep laying just like a production queen.

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    Oldtimer uses a 3-frame cage made from an excluder.
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    A production queen is a queen thats in a hive thats being used for production eg. honey you dont want your breeder queens in a production hive because she could swarm, she could get hurt in a hive manipulation and she uses too many eggs too quickly when she has an entire hive to lay eggs in.

    Keep her in a nuc that way she will last much longer she wont lay as many eggs and can be used for many years.

    Obviously she may have originallly come from a production hive if you are selecting from your own stock.

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    I keep her in a ten frame box and i keep her plenty of room to lay by removing frames and putting new ones in their place. Works good for me


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