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    Default Queen Nuptial Flight

    How late can queens mate? I found a document that states queens were seen mating the latest at 22 days after emerging!

    I have couple queens that I checked 15 days after emerging. All were running like virgins.Weather was pouring buckets until day 15 when I opened them. One queen even flew off the frame. The next 2 days, day 16 and 17 after emergence were very hot days. Is it possible the queens mated those days?

    Can't check them again for brood due to pouring Barrels of rain!

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    Default Re: Queen Nuptial Flight

    I have had queens who didn't start laying until 21 days after emergence. They did fine. Probably weather or flow related. Feeding seems to help get them to fly to mate. I wouldn't expect to see any eggs before 14 days.
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    Default Re: Queen Nuptial Flight

    You don't need to worry yet! I've had 22 - 23 days.
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