So I am not technically in the hobby yet, but soon will be!

I can't wait to finally be able to keep bees! I adore honey bees. Once I finish moving to Escanaba next month, I'll be able to set everything up. I actually already have the hive and all the equipment ordered. In addition, I pre ordered a 3lb bee package of Minnesota Hygienic Bees (with queen of course!) to arrive a week or so after my move date. Everything will be set up for those awesome little social bugs to move in. I've buried myself in books and info. While I don't have a mentor (sad!) I am pretty sure I can get started on the right foot. In addition to them having fruit trees on the property to pollinate, there is plenty of alfalfa, big basswood trees, and I am also planting a few Diervilla lonicera for them, a shrub variety of honeysuckle that is native to Michigan and blooms from spring all through the summer and is a great nectar source for bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. Originally I was just going to get mason bees. Their real purpose will be pollination of the fruit trees on the property. However, I have the time and money to commit to honey bees. I know I am not allergic to bees, which is a big plus. Actually, throughout my childhood people thought me odd because I could scoop a honey or bumblebee off a flower to take a closer look without getting stung. I have been stung by being silly and stepping on them barefoot when I had no idea they were underfoot, though!

Glad to be here and absorb even more knowledge! I know the bees will teach me a lot, but I hope to learn as much as I can before they get here!