I read that steroids and BVT can be dangerous. I have had asthma for almost 40 years and was on corticosteroids for a good portion of that. In the last year or so I was able to cut way back on my dose and then in the last few months have found an herbal treatment that has replaced my inhlaer usage completely till this last week when I got a virus and have been needing to use very small amounts of my inhaler. I started BVT about a week ago and have not noticed any changes yet except possibly some mild loosening of phelgm after stinging but I know it can take time and I have high hopes. As far as corticosteroid use even though it is minimal to none these days should I be concerned and what should I be watching out for? I am taking vitamin C along with stings. Also I've started using a tincture of propolis as well. Should I not use this on the days I sting as I also read using hive products simultaneoulsy while stinging can neutralize and cause and antidote effect?