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    Smile hello from se wi!

    Hello all, I finally joined after 3 years of lurking. I am entering my 2nd year of beeking, thank you to John and Sheri for supplying my nucs last spring. 3 successfully overwintered, one had the lid blown off and then it rained late november. I am trying my hand at making increase, and am hoping i did not overly rush the season. The queens should emerge today. Our weather has been miserable, but they have plenty of stores, both honey and pollen.
    I began 3 years ago at my library, then amazon, and then the internet. I find Mr.
    Bush's website incredibly helpful. Thank you, sir. The speed with which we can arm ourselves with information is simply incredible. I spent my first winter building Langstroth 10 frame mediums from scrap, frames and all, with the intention of installing foundation. Time, finances, and more information suggested that i skip the foundation. Further construction found me just putting in bars with comb guides. So I guess i have Warre hives at Langstroth medium dimensions. If i were to do it again, i would probably go to 8 frame boxes at dimensional 1x8 eliminating the need to rip boards. Just cut, glue, and screw.
    I look forward to sharing experiences with you all. Thank you, everyone.

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    Welcome Josh!

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