With importation of queens and packages from Australia now illegal and the only two remaining countries we can import from being Canada and New Zealand I think it is inevitable that our borders will be sealed in the very near future and the entire bee industry here in the USA will be dependent on existing bloodlines.

I hope that in the near future AI will make it so drone sperm from anywhere in the world will be able to be shipped into the US, but at this point in time there appears to be no opportunities to buy bee sperm and AI our queens with it.

I am not well enough versed in bee genetics to consider the consequences of limited genetic diversity on the honey bee industry. Even my wife whom is a Human Geneticist says that bee genetics is much more complicated due to the haploid nature of Drones and the ability of the queen to mate with multiple drones.

Has anybody thought about how our industry will change without importation or instituted any programs into their management plan to diversify now. I am starting to import stock from Canada even though the costs are high. I am starting with Buckfast stock that was imported into Canada from Denmark in the 1990s. I am also looking for other Canadian stock with recent roots in Europe. A few years ago no stock could come into the US from Canada and we could not import stock from Europe while they could so I think Canada is an overlooked opportunity to get the most recently imported lines from Europe.