This is a big site, I tried searching but pretty much nothing came up. If this is the wrong place for this thread, would someone please move it to the right place? I wasn't sure...

I was just wondering if anyone else makes and uses their own milk paint? It's extremely cheap and easy to make, but can be rather expensive if you buy it in powdered form. It last for decades, especially if you add a little boiled linseed oil or apply linseed oil after the milk paint dries. It's completely VOC-free as well as having nothing else in it besides milk, hydrated lime, and maybe pigment (it looks like snot if you don't add pigment - sorry, but it does!); in fact, leftovers get tossed in the compost pile or in the garden.

I know that there are a lot of "recipes" for it, including using cottage cheese (a friend uses that, turns out just as good as anything else) that's gone bad. Not that you have to do it that way, but he does.

So, just wondering -- anybody else? If so, what's your recipe?

- Tim