Is this a good plan for raising good Queens? If not, what is? I understand the different scenarios
that bees will rear queens, I just want to know if there is a better plan, than the one below, that
someone wishes to share. This is my current way I plan to raise a few queens to make some splits:

I will take a strong hive which has 2 deeps for a brood box.
The Cell builder colony will be housed in a 10 frame deep.


STEP 1: I would grab an extra deep I had laying around. And from the strong hive would
donate to the Cell Builder the following:

7 frames of brood
3 frames of stores
A few frames of nurse bees would also be shaken in.

STEP 2: The Queen, with the rest of the bees, brood, and stores, would be moved to a new
location. And The cell builder left at the exact location of the original hive.

Day 8:

STEP 1: The Cell Builder colony will be checked thoroughly for any queen cells that the bees
may have built. The Queen cells found will be destroyed.

Step 2: A frame will be removed to make room for the grafted cups.

Step 3: The frame of grafted cups will be inserted in the hive.

Day 9:

Step 1: A check will be made to ensure that the grafted cups were accepted.

Day 19:

Step 1: Queen cells are distributed to nucleus hives.