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Thread: Feeding bees

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    Question Feeding bees

    What is the best combination of sugar/water and pollen/substitute for a new nuc and a new package?
    This spring in Northern Virignia has been wet, grey, windy and often cold. Plus, the bees are arriving late from Georgia, which means that the pollen and nectar will be ending by the time they get here.
    As a newbee . . . I am anxious that the bees will have enough to support building out the foundation and finding enough to build nectar and pollen supplies to support strong brood development.
    What is the right combination of sugar and water? What are the good brands of pollen substitute? Should there be a mixture of natural pollen with the "artificial" pollen?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Feeding bees

    In my opinion, there is real pollen available so a pollen substitute will probably be ignored and at best is inferior to real pollen. In my opinion, I'd be feeding 2:1 or at least 5:3 syrup. It will keep better than 1:1. It will be less work for the bees.
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