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    Default Anyone rearing Queens in a TBH?

    What method do you use?

    I posted this in TBH's as well, but I just wondered if there are specific alterations to consider when using a tbh. Not sure where to post the question.

    Thanks again, ever-present and al(most)-all-knowing-orb-of-the-beesource-community...


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    Default Re: Anyone rearing Queens in a TBH?

    I started raising a few queens last year, and just got started this year a couple of weeks ago - not in top bar hives. I do however have a top bar hive, and I also have used top bars in my Langstroth hives - and they do sometimes end up in my cell builder or mating nucs. There is no reason why you couldn't do it. Just make your hives so that the parts will all interchange and it won't be very different than with frames - other than you have to be a little more careful with top bar comb. You probably would want to use a system that doesn't involve an excluder. Some things would be easier with a long hive - you can go straight to the brood or pollen without taking the hive all apart.

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    Default Re: Anyone rearing Queens in a TBH?

    Michael Bush "Everything works if you let it." 42y 40h 39yTF

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    Default Re: Anyone rearing Queens in a TBH?

    Don't all TBH beekeepers raise queens?
    Sorry, couldn't resist. No reply needed.
    Mark Berninghausen


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