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    Quote Originally Posted by Bsweet View Post
    then to[o] its a golden asset and not many willingly get rid of it. Jim
    Everything I have is for sale, if you want it badly enuf. I will sell comb. Even w/ brood in it, if I have it.
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    If some of you weren't so adamant about not lifting a little weight you could have all the drawn comb you need. During your flow every year just put on a deep full of foundation and let them draw it out. Our hives get at least a deep, sometimes two, during the citrus flow and we use the drawn combs for splits, queen rearing, etc. If you're not doing that it's your own fault, not the books.

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    Quote Originally Posted by waynesgarden View Post
    If you have no disease, I'll bet there are any number of local beekeepers that would take drawn comb off your hands rather than see a valuable asset trashed.

    I'm sure you have your reasons. My bees clean old comb just fine and the comb I store over winter doesn't seem to get itself trashed.

    Wayne- your absolutely correct, I l ive up in New Milford and would be happy to take the drawn comb from him!! U I will even bring him frames of foundation to trade.

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    >Michael how do you store, and do you spray drawn comb w/anything?

    The supers go on in the late spring before there are wax moths. The bees guard these until harvest. The wet supers go on after harvest and stay on the hives until the first hard freeze and then they are stacked outside where they freeze until the go back on in late spring.

    > Is there a way to entice to clean & draw out faster? Sugar spray, HFCS spray, Honey brush on thinnly?

    If you figure out how to make bees do anything they don't want to you will be the first in history and I'm not sure it will be a good thing...

    >What is BT?
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