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    Hi, I'm Tom from Oakland CA. This is my 3rd year as a beekeeper.
    Question - I have 5 frames of capped and uncapped honey that has fermented.
    (Other than that the frames are clean.)
    Is it safe to put the fermented honey into a hive for use by a new package of bees?
    Will the new bees find it useful?
    Is it harmful?
    Or will it just be a nuisance for them to clean up?

    BTW the honey is from a hive that I lost this winter during a strong winter storm.
    I stored the honey in a air tight container to prevent bugs and bees getting in - apparently the high water content and lack of air caused yeast to take over.

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    Default Re: new to forum & Question on fermented honey


    I would not feed fermented honey to a package. I would spin it out and give them the sticky frames and then toss what you spun out. The drawn comb is the value there to the bees. If you don't have a spinner, find your local bee club. They probably have one you can use if you join the club.

    Fuzzy from the south bay.


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