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    I am smi new to the mass production of queens and this is my frist go round! I have constructed a Queen Rearing Box the size of a standard Nuc. I split it down the center and made a modified queen excluder to fit like a standard frame (just no gaps so queen cant pass) and each side allows 2 frames. I made 2 entrances in oposing Sides and ends. and constructed a rearing frame for cups with 3 rails each, so I can raise 6 cup rails of queens. Am I on the right track?

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    I assume the queen excluders are to keep the queen on the rearing frame, hoping she will lay in the verticle cells: or off the rearing frame so she will not destroy them? Once the cells have eggs, you might want more distance than this setup will provide so the nurse bees will be more inclined to raise/nourish queen cells. You need to keep the queen out of a starter hive, therefore you do not need excluders. A finisher needs more nurse bees than a nuc can provide for good or even fair quality queens. Put a queen excluder over your strongest hive and another super with several frames of honey, pollen and brood (to encourage nurse bees to attend the queen frame) Swarm and supercedure queens do not need any help from us, but you might want to read Larry Connors book or another on queen rearing rather than learn the hard way. There is a strong practical side to queen rearing, more than learning from the bees to become a beekeeper. You will have the greatest success with a hands-on queen rearing mentor.


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