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    Default granulating chunk honey

    I have a few jars of chunk honey that are beginning to get cloudy, the early stages of granulation, can I heat these in hot water (less than 140 degrees) to dissolve the crystals without melting the comb? John

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    Default Re: granulating chunk honey

    I have brought some back but you need to keep the (controled) temp at 100 to 110 for several hours if you go higher the comb will start looking yuky
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    Default Re: granulating chunk honey

    A messy way of clearing up the honey is to open the jars, remove the chunks of honeycomb and put them on a rack to drain, heat the crystalized honey in a double boiler until the crystals melt, let it cool and then put the drained chunks of honeycomb back into the cleaned out jar and refil with the de-crystalized honey and recap. Simple and easy...LOL.
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