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    Default Hive Ventilation

    Here in the SW part of the country, tends to get hot and dry during the summers. Was thinking of building a short box, 3" or so tall, that have 1.25" holes drilled in each side, screened, and placed on top of the inner cover on the top super. But then was thinking about rain blowing in and ruining the inner cover and draining into the hive. Guess rain blowing in is common in a feral tree hive, but looking for opinions here as I am new to this.

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    Ken Davis has a solar powered ventilator. He lives in Inola. If he is reading this thread I think he will be able to help with ventalation information. He did a presentation for the Okla State meeting in OKC or Guthrie.

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    Drill the holes at an angle that way the water can not run in. Look at Honey Run Apiaries, he has a plan for a inner cover that sounds similar to what you want to build.
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