I have two hives in the same yard (4 hives total) that are getting difficult to work and produce in my opinion above average defensivness. I have ordered a few queens to make up some 5 frame nuc splits from these two colonies. I plan on going through the two hives and after finding the queens eliiminate them. After making up (4) new nucs I will move them to another yard 10 miles away and introduce the new queens the following day in cages allowing the bees to release them. Here is my main question. I do not wish this hostile temperment to be bred back into these now queenless colonies if they are allowed to raise their own queen. If I let them to raise their own new queens by themselves and the virgin queens mate freely at this yard what are the chances that the new offspring of these mated queens will also be ill-tmepered. I am assuming that these virgins would fly freely into drone mating areras (at quite a distance) where many other drones, feral and otherwise would polulate, and not just drones that might pass along their ill tempered traits from the parent hives. As these colonies are large and heavy, I really don't want to move them to another yard to mate out the new virgin queens. I know that I can introduce mated queens to these colonies but what if I allow them to raise their own. Kindly advise.