Hi Guys/Gals,
I ordered two 4lb packages from McCary Honeybee Farm back in October of last year. Back then I spoke to Chris McCary on the phone and he told me to indicate which week I wanted the packages to arrive. I indicated first week in April 2011. I mailed a check for $220 back in October which was cashed immediately upon arrival.

I've called and left 4 voicemails now at 601-410-5582 spanning from 1 week before the bees were to arrive (just to make sure everything was on schedule) and each week following. No calls have been returned so far. Maybe I've got the wrong number or something. The voicemail is the generic default you get if you never setup your voicemail. I don't know how many BeeSource folks use McCary. I just wanted some Cordovan bees for the fun of it. I'm not holding anything against Chris as I could potentially be the source of the mix-up. Does anyone know what's up with McCary or if I'm using the wrong phone number?