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    Default Drone comb & supercedure cells in newly installed package


    I installed a package about 2 weeks ago into 9 fr deep of 1 yr old built comb, honey and pollen stores aplenty. Queen has been slow in producing, possibly because of weather.
    Added 2nd deep after 1st week with more capped honey stores, rather than feeding. Added a pollen patty

    But because of slow production, supercedure process has started. One frame has 5 good sized peanuts, turn it over and there's a 8x5 cluster of drone brood.

    Should I leave this frame or start a new hive with it and a frame or two of bees? I don't have a frame of brood to spare to make a nuc.

    Thanks for the advice

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    Default Re: Drone comb & supercedure cells in newly installed package

    If these are really supersedure cells the bees are trying to get a new queen because of problems with the existing queen. Let them do it! They know a lot better than any beekeeper what they need.


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