Hi all, my name is Tom Delaney and I am a first time beekeeper in St. Paul, Minnesota, USA. I am an aspiring backyard beekeeper looking to start with a single hive in Langstroth boxes. I have always been enamored with the spiritual aspects of beekeeping and the images of bees and honey in religion mythology. Recently my wife and I took a rare opportunity to get off away from the kids to see a movie, and chose a screening of "Queen of the Sun." My younger son attends a Waldorf School, and so we were somewhat excited to learn about bees, Steiner, Gunther Hauk, biodynamic beekeeping, etc. As it was, the film moved me very deeply and I walked out of the theater resolved to get into beekeeping. I am starting with one hive this year, have got my assembly and painting done (regular wooden box and frame hives), and await the arrival of my bees in early May. So here I am!