I grafted on April 1. I rechecked them on the 3rd, and a dozen JZBZ cups were drawn out. On the 6th they were capped, and on the 10th I moved them into mating nucs.

According to the calendar I have, they should have hatched on the 13th, last Wednesday. Wikipedia says they take 15.5-17 days to emerge, which would be between late Tuesday and Thursday.

I checked them today (Friday the 15th) to discard any unhatched cells. Mind you there were 12 nucs with cells in it. The first one I opened, the queen cup was waxed inbetween the two cells, and when I pulled on it the cell stayed behind while the cup was removed. It gave me a great view looking down into the cell, where a white, half developed queen sat.

The second nuc I checked, I was a little more careful to remove the frame to the left and right, grabbed the cup (and the same separation occurred), this time there was a darker, half developed (but dead) queen sitting in the cell.

I stopped checking the others, and havn't opened them yet. Did I do something incorrect in transferring them into the nuc? Should I check the others?