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    I understand the need for advertising to underwrite the costs of this site. But am I the only one who finds the vertical format on the right side of my computer screen annoying? The ads overlap the forum information on the lead page. Then when you go to the specific thread to read the postings, the ads crowd the postings to the left, and one has to scroll a lot to read the postings. What happened to putting the ads across the top?
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    I'm not seeing this overlap issue at all. I don't have to scroll now to read posts like I used to have to with the old format. Odd.
    If the posts take up the entire window left to right, then every line you read is very l-o-n-g and it gets easy to lose sight of what line you are reading in a paragraph.
    What browser are you using? What's your screen size?
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    I dont have a problem with the adds either


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