I'm a novice at queen rearing - just dabbled a little last year - read about it all winter, and decided to use the Joseph Clemens method. I grafted a few days ago, and here's what I had this afternoon:

Not all that bad, but I was really hoping for more like his "regular" nice cells:

Like Joseph Clemens I am using a queenless 5 frame medium starter finisher. I prepped it by filling it with frames of emerging brood and stores and shaking in lots of nurse bees then I put it in the location of the full sized hive that I pillaged for resources. So the entire work force of forragers for a strong hive crammed into a 5 frame medium. It's really full of bees. On top of that I've changed in new frames of emerging brood along with clinging nurse bees every few days - you have to check back in a couple of days because they will make queen cells. 24 hours before I grafted I put a frame of eggs/open brood in the middle between frames of pollen and nectar - then swapped the brood frame out for the cell frame with only 11 grafts. Plus I've fed this hive 1-1 continuously. There is tons of natural pollen in my area right now so I have not supplemented that.

So why aren't my cells any bigger? Genetics? He did a better job grafting maybe?