I have heard sevral times that it is hard to get a good germination rate on Vitex Negundo . I have had some sucess this spring with some seeds I got from a BeeSource member.
Here is what I did to get about a 60% germination rate.

I put the seeds in a wire mesh strainer like this one

1. Run HOT soapy tap water over the seeds and "grind' them against the mesh to scrape and wash off the waxy coating and scratch the hull.

2. Then soak the seeds in water for 24-48 hours in a ziplock bag

3. Place the seeds in moist potting soil and place them in the Fridge for 3 Months (this is call "Stratification")

4. Take them out of the fridge and place in a warm place; as the seeds sprout, transfer them into small pots. I have about 5 plants per 16oz cup. This allows for some die and still have a viable planting.

So far they have done really well!!

Good Luck, RKR