So, i got a cloak board a few months ago thinking that it would allow me to trough that swarm box away. Wrong! I have put 3 batches of cells in so far...first batch the CB swarmed and only got about 30% take. Second no take. 3rd no take. I caused the last 2......there were cells already up there both times (man made and bee made).
So...this is what i did. I took the CB (lead by multiple virgin queens) and set it on the other side of the pallet facing the opposite direction that it was. Then I set a queen right single in the same spot that it was. Then I put the cloak board and a empty on top. Then I tore down the old cell builder and shook the bees off into the hive with the virgin queens...then put the naked frames of brood above the cloak board on the queen right hive....all the field bees from both hives will fly back to the new cb.
Essentially what i did was shook all the old nurse bees and the virgin queens in a new hive...will the old spot make queens?