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    Default Is it possible to force a supercedure

    Last week in the bee yard I was looking through the hives and found some that were incredibly full, so much so that both deep boxes were full of either brood , pollen or surplus honey. I simply grabbed a nearby deadout deep and threw it on top to give them some room. My goal this year is to expand my numbers , and to this end I started feeding early to increase brood production. I have suceeded in the increased brood but now need to take the next step. In the past I have either done a hard split (no attempt to equalize brood just grab the top box and haul to a new site) and let them requeen themselves, or try to locate the queen and move her and 4-5 frames to a new site.

    My question is . If I had put the empty deep with drawn comb between the two original deeps splitting the brood nest, would the reduced queen pheremone in the box seperated from the queen cause the bees to begin what they may think is a supercedure?

    I know that some here will tell me that splitting the brood nest is a no no but every time we pull a nuc or make any split this is exactly what we do is it not?

    My plan would be to then break the top box down into nucs after the queen cells are capped. These cells would be started and finished in the queenright and very full hive so wouldn't they be good well started queens?

    I currently have only bottom entrances, OK and some very leaky boxes that the bees come and go through at will. would I gain from providing an entrance above the empty box?

    I guess the next question would be how about some kind of double queen excluder between the boxes and letting the new queen mate before moving the top box away?

    Is this a crazy plan doomed to failure??????

    Gary C.
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