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    Yesterday I recd my Honeymoon Beesuit, "Ultrabreeze" in the full suit version. I have been wanting to give this suit a try for a long time and finally after seeing the inspector version I decided to place my order. The suit was shipped almost immediately and was waiting for me upon my arrival from a business trip yesterday.
    The suit is really well made, the workmanship is superb and the material is unique. The size of the suit is as stated in their advertisement, not undersized like so many on the market. The only part of the suit that I do not like is the vail, it is not what I prefer and therefore not comfortable for me to work with. My favorite vail is the "Clear View", which I consider the finest made. I wish The ultrabreeze people would redesign the vail and make it more traditional or offer a option for a alternative zip on vail or offer the suit in a coverall model without the vail.
    My thanks to Honeymoon, this is a fine product and I look forward to getting years of good use from it. Broodhead

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