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    Default Growing Degree Days (GDD)

    Does anyone use degree growing days as benchmarks for adding honey supers, doing splits, or any other hive managment? If so what are your findings? I'm starting to record GDD's along with the date on everything I do in the bee yard and I am intrested in everyone elses opinions or knowledge.


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    Default Re: Growing Degree Days (GDD)

    I use DD all the time for insect management in ag, but mostly because sampling is difficult and time consuming for some lifestages. With forage plants for bees it is more obvious what's going on just by looking around. I'm a hobbyist beek, but I see how GDD based hive management could payoff for bigger operations with lots of hives and multiple yards, particularly for planning when to do tasks like supering as you mention. One thing to keep in mind are microclimatic effects. Where you take the temperature data has a big effect on DD accumulations. If you rely on GDD data from a remote location from your beeyards, then GDD may not reflect reality in your bee foraging area. It's a big problem in mountainous regions but I don't know about your area. I guess it doesn't really matter as long as you're consistent. Over time your records will become very valuable because you will have standardized scale to compare every season to every other season. If you do your own GDD calcs, small temperature data loggers (like HOBO) have become pretty cheap recently, then you don't have to take daily readings from a thermometer. You just download from them when you can.

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    We have a state website that we can enter our zipcode and it gives our GDDs. Pretty easy. Thanks for the info and advice.


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