Thanks for all that responded with my package install questions. Installed the ladies monday and i am hoping so much that they like their homes and stay around. Here is my question:

The pail feeders i made have very tiny holes - syrup doesn't well out and hang in a droplet like the cans from the packages - even though those holes look the same size or smaller. it did drip/pour out until a vacuum was created. i have other lids with slightly larger holes from 1/16" drill bit. the pails are still just about full from monday - im worried they are not taking the syrup/cant get at it.

i dont understand if they can reach in with their probiscus and access? i ended up placing over hole in inner cover with twigs elevating, although the lip of the bucket lid raises the bucket about 3/8" from inner cover but would seal off hole without the twigs. with them, there is a space greater than 3/8" between pail lid and inner cover. should i remove them? should i use other lids with larger holes? should i emergency feed dry sugar moistened? i know they can take a quart of syrup a day when they are drawing comb but does this happen the first couple day? Im worried about them. eep!

There is activity (orientation i hope) as it is warm today.

Thanks very much,