I got a package of 50 cardboard strips of Hop Guard from Mann Lake, I think they charged $30.00. As the strips work in low temperatures I put them right on the hive with sticky boards underneath to monitor their effectiveness. Oh my the next day my mite drop was significant even though I had not been aware of a problem having put sticky boards on several times during the fall and winter Since the first day the mote fall is non-existent. The strips hang over the middle brood frames for a month. They come in a foil bag and look like narrow strips of cardboard soaked in a gooey, brown syrup. The cardboard is already folded in half so all you so is hang it over a middle frame. The bag is to be kept airtight so the remaining strips don't dry out. This treatment is ideal for the Pacific Northwest where we rarely have the temperatures required for the other fume methods in spring and fall. You can use these strips when the honey supers are on as well and it is considered a natural miticide. Must say that the house door knobs got a bit gooey but oh well.