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    Default Re: What is the weight of a Nuc?

    Quote Originally Posted by rlsiv View Post
    Think that will fit in a Toyota pickup if we stack 'em high and strap 'em down??
    Actually you can fit all of them in a Toyota Pickup, if you stack them high enuf. The ones on the bottom will be crushed and tyhe load will be pron to blow over and you won't be able to drive away from the loading yard w/out scraping the ground w/ your bumper. But I'd liike to see you try. It could be educational.
    "It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see." Henry David Thoreau, Mark B

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    Default Re: What is the weight of a Nuc?

    Just so everybody knows, I am to new to this hobby. Check the number of my posts and type of questions I ask if you have any doubt.

    Please continue to answer any question I post as honestly and clearly as you have in the past. My ingnorance about bees (and most things for that matter) has no bounds!

    Notice, no emoticons so this post is serious.



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    Default Re: What is the weight of a Nuc?

    Yeah, I can feel you on the answers you will get with this forum. I quit asking questions here because these guys would answer in either riddles, or about what they thought I was asking instead of what I asked.

    Actually the Emoticon, aka Smiley, is to denote what the message's atmosphere is. It was because the messages in the olden days had no graphics or computer geeks that could think outside "the box." Here is the history from the inventor:

    As for the weight on the truck, I would think trailer as well.

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    Default Re: What is the weight of a Nuc?

    Quote Originally Posted by sqkcrk View Post
    If one is not asking a serious question a smiley face is the way to indicate that. Had that been done, I wouldn't have taken the answers I got seriously. Unless obvious, I take all questions seriously. Which, I guess, makes me a fool. I guess if one doesn't know who the fool is, it is yourself, eh?
    . This thread has proven to be most useful... I learned that a nuc weighs about 35-40lbs, AND I learned that I should probably start using emoticons to convey my sense of humor to those that don't know Me.

    Thanks to all


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