The fore end on my .30-06 (Rem 700 SPS) seems to have gradually clamped down over the last three years to where now, at the very end, it grips the barrel very tightly. I'm considering just shaving it back a bit to get the stock off the barrel... any reason not to do this? The SPS is a synthetic stock BTW.

In a great world I'd have the cash to take it in and get it serviced and maybe accurized, but not this year. It occasionally seems to throw a wild round, and yes that's in addition to called yanks. Even off the bipod, maybe 1 in 20 is barely on the paper (normally, prone on the bipod, it's 1 MOA groups on bad days). When new the barrel had a rough spot that took a ton of breaking in... the spot collected "gobs, just gobs of copper" was how a smith who scoped the bore for me characterized it about a year in. I re-broke in the barrel exhaustively and it seemed to have improved.

I'd love to get a new barrel, but hoo that's expensive. Anyway should I shave off a bit inside the tip of the forearm to free up the barrel?