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    Default Family jewels... ...and a (?) about using rough cut lumber

    I was talking beekeeping with my mother-in-law this weekend (our hives will be on their property). I was telling her how I am behind schedule and needed to get building hive bodies as the bees will arrive in a couple of weeks. My father-in-law happened to overhear me mention that I needed to go out and buy some lumber. To which he replied... "follow me for a minute"

    I did, we walked out to one of the outbuildings (old farm house, w/barn, coop, grainery, etc.) where he showed me a 4' x 4' x ~14' long stack of rough cut, air-dried boards. It was all the decent sized trees he has felled on the property over the years, all cut at a local mill, then neatly stacked with spacers so they dried straight!

    "You're welcome to it". he stated. "As much or as little as you need."

    "WOW! That's a lot of wood" is about all I could say.

    There is ~150bf of pine (most cut 1"x10"s) along with LOTS of other higher-end species: LOADS of cherry, along with oak and maple as well!

    Now my question(s): For deep hive bodies (langs) using pine, should I plane one side, leaving the interior rough, (it's a good mill surface), or should I plane both?

    Do I need to bother planeing them down at all?

    I know I wouldn't need to with a KTBH, but I am going to get at least one full season with Langs before building one of these.

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    Default Re: Family jewels... ...and a (?) about using rough cut lumber

    I would plane both sides, gives glue better surface to stick to. Definatly at least one side, plane to 3/4 thickness so you will be uniform with commercially availabe equipment.

    We made a few of our first boxes out of 1" rough lumber and just sanded it. Those boxes are heavy and don't fit well with other boxes.

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