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    Default Re: Found this hanging on my fence today!

    Its a picture of a swarm, I take them all the time and I post them in various blogs etc. If someone wants to use them in a craigslist ad as an example of what a swarm looks like then I have no problem with them doing so. If I dont want people to use my pictures I dont post hem, period.

    I always get a laugh out of folks on craigslist offereing to travel the full state to get a swarm or do an eight hour cutout for free or even pay you to locate swarms.

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    Default Re: Found this hanging on my fence today!

    Looked in on the hive that the swarm issued from today... Still lots of bees but only a few capped cells left... Absolutely no larva or eggs and 4 swarm cells.

    I removed all the cells and put in a new mated queen. There is a lot of open brood space so she should have everything she needs to go right to work, as soon as they eat her out of the cage... All the bees seemed calm and were busy drawing out frames in the second box...

    Two days ago I looked in on the second hive, that I saw swarm cells in.. The queen was the original buckfast from last year and had laid a ton of eggs in the hive. After my experience with the first hive swarming I decided to not take a chance and went ahead and moved the old queen and split the hive. I left 1/2 of the original hive stores, added a few extra frames and left the swarm cells in place... Today I went in and removed the swarm cells and added a new mated queen...

    So in the course of a few days I went from 4 to 6 hives The increase was not exactly what I was planing ( and has sent me scrambling for more frames for the "planned " increase) but it just goes to show you who is really the boss here


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