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    Default I'm getting my bees

    Well i dropped my hive off today with a local beekeeper that sells her swarms. I take her my clean, ready hive and she will move one of her swarms into it and get it started then call me to pick it up. She is expecting a couple of her hives to swarm in the next week. Am I right in thinking that this is a good way to get bees. All of her hives were inspected 2 weeks ago and given a clean bill of health, also getting them this way I know that they are from "mild mannered" hives. Does this mean that a swarm from them should also be "mild mannered". As I am starting a new hive I have a question. From what I have read on here already, I like the idea of an upper entrance above the excluder. My current hive is a screen bottom, bottom entrance. When I get my bees from her should Igo ahead and add a top entrance on top of the single hive body, go ahead and and a second hive body with a top entrance, or wait until I need to add a second hive body then add then top entrance. sorry for the long question just trying to get ready


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    Default Re: I'm getting my bees

    My personal preference would be to wait until you have added the second deep brood box and are adding your first medium super. I attach 3/8" shims to the bottom of the two sides and back of the first super. This creates an upper entrance just above the brood box that allows the bees direct access to the supers without having to navigate through the brood boxes.
    There are many others that have opinions on how to create an upper entrance. Try different techniques and see what works best for you and your hives.
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