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    Default Bee swarming question

    SO, I know that swarming is undesirable, at least from the standpoint of honey production, colony-being-up-to-strength, etc.

    HOWEVER, since there are no honey bees left in the wild, and we want them to be in the wild, shouldn't I take the long-term view of swarming and actually encourage it??

    Just thinkin' out loud, ya know...

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    Default Re: Bee swarming question

    Not all swarms are from bee boxes, And there are WILD bees, thats why you read of Trap outs, Cut outs and swarm traps and removals from trees. And I'm not so sure the bees in my hive are tame bees Jim
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    Default Re: Bee swarming question

    Swarming is the natural tendency of a healthy hive to reproduce. If your hives are never healthy you will not have to worry about it. Wild colonies are technically feral since honey bees are not indigenous to North America. The best scenario is to saturate the country with managed hives to control diseases, pests and parasites.


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