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    Default Northern Disease ?

    What are the primary diseases of concern in West Central Miinesota?

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    Default Re: Northern Disease ?

    i will echo what Bush said and add to that

    Disease issues are not seperated by location they are seperated by hives
    you can have one hive with sacbrood sitting next to one that has Nosema that is next to the strongest hive in history

    you can have a number of issues come up over night so my advice is to learn about all of them and learn about the treatments before you get the diseases
    an ounce of prevetion is worth a pound of cure

    so study all of them - find pictures of them and read read read -

    as for mites - take the few days to learn about mites - if you learn about them you will learn more about bees !!!! know your enemy and know then they are weak -

    good luck
    Doing the Right things Right


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