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    Default Questions about using all medium langs

    As I learn about different approaches and consider how I might progress myself, I have some questions for people who run an operation based on medium supers alone.

    How many medium 8's does it usually require for a brood nest through the summer?

    Do you have any problems with hives getting too tall? Do you have to do more than one harvest to keep it manageable?

    How do you deal with nucs? They usually come in deep frames, so how do you generally transfer to your mediums?

    What do you use for a nuc in your operation? Do you just use a single medium 8?



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    Default Re: Questions about all using all medium langs

    I have been in mediums for two years. Brood size is geographic or local. It is two mediums in my area of Florida.
    Hive height will be an issue regardless of super size. That is the essence of bee management.
    I use single mediums for nucs. I have a bunch extra if you cannot find them anywhere else.

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    Default Re: Questions about using all medium langs

    I thought I could help until I saw 8 frame. We are in central ny and run them in 2 med 10 frame, but take them to sc for the winter. for staying in ny year round would require 3 supers. figure out the square inches per frame that other local beekeepers use and use that for a reference. It would seem 3 would be enough. good luck

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    Default Re: Questions about using all medium langs

    I run my hives in 8-frame medium supers. Two supers is the extent of my brood nests, but most of those sixteen combs are nearly entirely brood during the flow. In my area whenever I've tried expanding the brood nest into a third super, they quickly just filled it with nectar/honey, so two's what it is. Yes the stacks can get tall, but that's okay - why not.
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    Default Re: Questions about using all medium langs

    2 deeps, 3 mediums, 4 eight frame mediums...
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    Default Re: Questions about using all medium langs

    Or like I do, 1 deep 8 frame and 2 mediums...then there's no prob on the nucs


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