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Thread: CCD questions

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    Default CCD questions

    I guess I'll ask the questions one at a time to see if I can get a response.
    What time of the year does a hive typically succumb to CCD, or can it happen anytime?
    If a hive is vacated because of CCD, is the honey left in the hive safe for human
    and bee consumption?
    I have alot of honey left over and thought I'd leave the frames outside one at a time for local
    bees to scavenge, but I don't want to cause any harm.

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    Default Re: CCD questions

    So Jack, do you think your bees had ccd and died from it?
    Or is this only theoretical?

    I think my bees have ccd (see archives)
    I have had no absconds early to mid summer.
    Abscond in winter is more drawn out
    In spring what is more likely is queen failure, death,
    and failure to successfuly raise a replacement.
    most absconds Oct-Nov, seldom brood

    For me, no pollen yet, another few days is my guess
    (to give you some idea of my climate)

    I don't think the honey is harmful to humans, but it may
    be very harmful to bees, these are just guesses
    If the robbers are already exposed then does it make much difference?

    Jack, did you see your bees do anything funny/odd with their rear legs?


    For me, WL=25% 2010winter


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