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    Default Brushy Mountain Queen Castle Review

    Really not much to say.

    I bought 2 kits. Both kits were well packed and all pieces were there

    Problem - the long boards, both sides of each kit, total of 4 boards were warp 1/4 to a half inch. Took a lot of time and clamps to get them together straight so the slide in sleeves would work.

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    Default Re: Brushy Mountain Queen Castle Review

    I buy a little bit of everything just to keep up with whats new. Rarely find anything that I like enough to use in large numbers... Saw a few things with these that I didnt care for...

    1. Least of which... the entrances are all at the same intervals... makes sense, but I would have preferred one left, one right, one center, one high...

    2. the outer nucs are larger than the center nucs... would have been better to use a little of that extra space from the side nucs to make the center nucs a bit more roomy... or at least go the opposite with the smaller nucs on the outside where there is easier access... hate to squish queens trying to lift deep frames from a tight space in between two pieces of weak compressed cardboard...

    3. the rails in the bottoms are far too weak for my liking... they will rot quickly...

    4. the gaps between them that are used for air vents are just wide enough to allow SHB easy access to come and go as they please... and the smaller center nucs are too small for CD traps to fit in the bottom... Holes in the ends with screen are much better...

    Aside from that, they are what they are... a few things could be changed in the design to make a huge difference. We stained a few and they were very nice looking...(until we painted crazy colored patterns on the sides. lol)

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    Default Re: Brushy Mountain Queen Castle Review

    I had a few little issues with the stuff I received too, the worse was a nick of wood off of a corner. I glued it up. I would tend to think all business in this country are in a race to pay the mortgage, right now, and are trying to cut corners..

    However, the person on the phone was very kind about my redundant questioning and was knowledgeable about the products. Very nice experience.


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