The overall subject is fascinating and I am just reading for now, but I did want to provide a small input on this question:

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I dont know how to isolate and highlight multiple parts of a post so I have to do it this way.

after starting your post with the quote button (as you have already done), you just need to cut and past the begin qoute text that has [_ QUOTE=postername;postnumber] (I've added a '_' between the '[' and 'QUOTE' so you see the text and not the quote) then after the portion of text you want to quote you need to cut and past the end quote text [/QUOTE] (no effect when a valid QUOTE as not already in effect, so I didn't need to insert '_' to make my response readable to you)

Here is your message reformatted in this way (all responses quoting frazzledfozzle, not me ):


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while the complete bee newb says, 'how can my colony thrive with a minimum of interventions on my part?'
As a commercial beekeeper this is a question I also ask myself it's not something only a newbie or a "treatment free" beekeeper is interested in.

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If we are to create a honey bee that tolerates - or, preferably, thrive - in the face of parasites then we can't keep chemically treating them for said parasites. If this means less honey production then what of it:
Is this your opinion? scientific fact? or something thats a popular concept at the moment?
It's not just honey thats important to commercial beekeepers alot of us rely on healthy hives to pollinate crops you can't pollinate crops if your hives are riddled with disease.

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do we want survival or money? Humans do not need honey but many make their living from it, so what will we have: long term survival of the bees or the commercial beek? I've no wish to disparage the commercial folks - this whole issue seems to me to be devolving into one simple issue: them, or us?
this really gets my blood pressure up

"do we want survival or money?"

"so what will we have: long term survival of the bees or the commercial beek?"

meaning what? that commercial beekeepers are only in it for the money and the way they manage their hives is bring down the bees chance of survival?

that we can't have commercial beekeepers and long term survival of bees? because commercial beekeepers are only interested in the amount of honey they can get and will treat willy nilly to get?

give me a break



I only went to the trouble of explaining how to sub quote and requote becasue I think that for a complex multi-point response such as yours, it makes the response much more readable to be able to format the back-and-forth this way.