"to maintain productivity while implementing the vsh trait, there must be a balance of vsh / non-vsh traits. Colonies that express vsh traits in too many workers will have poorer productivity. Colonies that have too few vsh workers will have poorer resistance."

Robert if you would please comment on my assumptions from my reading.

Pure VSH will waste too much time and resources going overboard aborting brood but may be able to live with mites with no treatment.

MN HYG is not as aggressive with aborting infected brood and can be more productive (honey), will slow down mite population growth but will eventually need some mite treatment.

A perfect balance of VSH and lets say normal genetics would get you a perfect bee but is next to imposable for someone without the proper skills, knowledge, tools, ect to maintain and a stable line is presently not available. If one wanted to have this perfect strain they would need to more or less keep buying queens from someone who open mates vsh breeder offspring.

Lots of big assumptions there but that is what I have taken in and come to assume more or less. How accurate am I, if at all?