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    i will be transporting afew hives this spring approx 150 miles is it ok to block the entrance with screen and just strap them down, or will i need to vent. the top or anything else? plan on moving them in even. so not in direct heat.

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    Moving your hives... move them in the early morning while it is still 5 am. If you can net them that's the best way. If not a screen in front of the entrance and tie them down is best. Keep them out of direct wind if you can. Once at your location get them off and may need smoke as it will have warmed up a bit by then but they will find their hives.

    Problem with moving them in the evening is that if they were out flying you are going to lose some bees and the bees are going to be more active loading them. Also, unloading them it will be dark and bees get pretty worked up being moved in the dark...and using a white light is something you will only do once.
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    I suppose the thing that would bother me about moving in the early morning is that the sun is going to come out before you reach your destination. This means you are going to have to have them screened or netted. Another thing that might be a problem could be a break down where the bees sit on the truck for a long period of time in the sun.... but guess that is not likely. If you are only dealing with a few hives... just screen them in .... no problem.
    We start to load bees as the sun sets and just strap them down and off we go. And we unload in the night... white light and all... the problem with the white light comes when you drop a pallet.. now that is not nice.


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