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Thread: solar melters

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    if you were building a melter from scratch,,, it was going to be out in the woods, so no one cares how it looks, what would you make it out of?

    I dont like making things every 3 months ( i know it would last longer than that, so ..) so i dont mind making it out of oak, cedar, ash, poplar, pine.. etc..

    materials dont matter cause i have a big band saw and make my own lumber...

    can i just get a big cake pan and build a form around it... tilt about 15- 25 degrees, punch hole in pan for wax to come out... put some window screen outside of pan to filter... and maybe 2 sheets of glass in the lid for double insulation?

    should i line the interior with styrofoam, sheetsteel, wood painted black, ?

    should i put a bit of rubber foam seal around the lid?

    any advice is cool...

    i didnt really like the plans on beesource......

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    Check the thread in this section near the bottom of the page under "solar melters".
    I posted a few pics of one that is about as cheap and easy as it gets.
    A bit of insulation, an old single pane window, # 8 mesh screen on a bent cookie sheet with a notch cut out and away you go!
    I won't bother posting the same pics here again, takes up space I imagine.

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    Default Re: solar melters

    Quote Originally Posted by avalonweddingsbcs View Post
    if you were building a melter from scratch
    I would look for a broken wine cooler or freezer with a glass door.

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    Default Re: solar melters

    Different places for plans, find one you like, or design one, and build it out of pine. Paint it, you're good to go. It should last years.
    "If all you have is a hammer, the whole world is a nail." - A.H. Maslow


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