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    Default going price for of over winter colonys

    I'm wonering and intereted in what the going reasonable price for a healthy and strong over winterd colony(consisting of 2 deeps) would be this spring in the northen midwest, MI, WI & MN, assuming the queen was laying well and the woodware was in good shape? The prices i've seem seem to vary wildy and i would like to get some know knowledgeable opinions on this. Thank for any input

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    Default Re: going price for of over winter colonys

    I can't answer that question for where you live, but I know of such colonies that have been sold for $225.00 for a two deep colony.
    Mark Berninghausen

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    Default Re: going price for of over winter colonys

    I just sold a few hives recently, consisting of one deep and one medium for $125 each. Maybe could have gotten more, but a fair price to me to be able to have a couple hundred bucks for some new equipment and supplies.


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