I have a hive that is very populated and was very aggressive. So I decided it needed to be requeened. I split the hive in two (it's a double deep). I left one of the deeps in the original location so it would collect the foragers back. The other deep I moved to a different spot (this deep contains most of the brood). I found the original queen and removed her, and 24 hours later introduced two new queens, one in each deep. Today I am noticing a lot of bearding on the hive that is in the original location. It is very warm today (83 degrees). but I don't see any fanning going on....just a lot of bees clumped on the landing board and above the entrance. Any theories as to why this would be going on? Is is just because the hive is too warm? None of my other hives are bearding really at all today. One theory I have is that because most of the brood is gone from the hive that these may be nurse bees with nothing to do so they are hanging out in the front.

I should mention too that this hive was preparing to swarm and had multiple queen cells built before I split it. Could these bees still be thinking it's time to swarm but are not able to without a queen?