Hello all,
First off i have to say I love this forum and have learned quite a bit from everyone here. I am about to start my 2nd year of beekeeping so I am still pretty new and thus have lots of ?'s still.
A friend of mine had a tenant skip town without paying rent and left all his bee equipment in the yard. It has been around 7 months now so legally it has been surrendered to my friend. I asked her if she wanted to sell any of the equipment left behind. "Nope, but you can have it" is what she said. SO... I took it all, 1 smoker- 6 boxes, 1 brush, smoker pellets, 4 queen excluders, 2 hive stands and 1 outer cover. I dug all of this out from the snow and noticed he had it under plastic sheeting
When I got them home to inspect them I noticed that almost all the frames in 1 box had a band of honey in them but had a few spots of mold on the frames and the honey. The comb in some of the other boxes have some mold on them too. My question is this; Is it safe to feed the bees the honey that has mold on it? Also if I use the frames that have mold on them, will my bees get sick or have any adverse reactions. The season is short up here so any mistakes can kill the whole season. If anybody has any info on this and would be willing to give some advice I would greatly appreciate it.

P.S. after I got finished inspecting the hives she texted me and said there was 10 frames of honey that was kept in the entryway that I could have.. WOW what a find!!!