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    Default D. Coats Nuc Boxes

    I have been working on a few 5 frame nuc boxes based on the original specs and post by D. Coates. I started visiting a few local construction sites and after a few calls I was able to gather (for free) several partial sheets of 3/4" plywood and some 15/32" plywood. One project was a remodel, and they had 5-6 full sheets of 15/32" new plywood that they were glad to give me. I started making a few boxes and have been experimenting with the original design to suit my needs. I am making 5 frame standard deeps, as well as a few 6 5/8" shallow nucs. The 3/4" boxes are definitely heavy-duty but the 15/32" seems to work well also. In addition I have experimented using 3/4" for the sides and 15/32" for the end panels. Keeping the correct interior dimensions, and the proper bee space is important. I have a few more to make, and then finish up the painting. Someone asked awhile back about an adjustable entrance. I took a couple pictures of some metal entrance reducers I made (with a sliding closure) that I have used on a few hives. I also use these with the Dadant metal mouse guards to minimize the size of the entrance. They work great. No two of these boxes are really identical. I have never attached photo files here but I’ll give it a try. Thanks D. Coates for getting me started.
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